QuarantineReport Query

Marcel Blenkers marcel-ml at IRC-ADDICTS.DE
Fri Feb 4 14:53:47 GMT 2005

Hi there,

> Oh damn and I just got the exim to work and have been very impressed with it.  I
> was hoping this was a quick fix.  I can help with the testing for exim as well. It
> just seems to be expecting something that's not there.  Maybe I could just then
> generate a list of emails that without the link in?
had the same problem..due to the fact, that the script is creating links
to the original files but those files where not readable by the webserver.

So, i just changed the code in LinkQuarantine  from the ln -s into cp...

then i had to change the group, which is in the original script apache i
guess into the group the webserver is running with.. (on my site this is

So, now the script copies the file to the dir, creates the report
(remember to change the url in the File Emails.pm) and then the users are
able to send the mail to themselve..

oh..you should not forget to say mailscanner (and spamassassin if you are
calling it on yourself) not to scan mails coming from
postmaster at yourlocalmaschine, as those mails will be send by
postmaster...and else these mails would be caught as spam again ;)

these where the steps i had to do on my system..



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