High CPU load, RCPT TO:

Marcel Blenkers marcel-ml at IRC-ADDICTS.DE
Thu Feb 3 19:48:06 GMT 2005

Hi there,

> Marcel,
> MailScanner offers IPBlock in CustomConfig.pm.  It does pretty much what
> you want (as long as you use sendmail).  I have been using it here for
> almost a year with success.

looked at it..

and wonder if i got it right:

First, i should create a file called IPBlock.conf within /etc/MailScanner.
And in this, i should put the amount of mails, this ip(block) could send
within one hour? correct?

For example:       10000
default         100

then, change the MailScanner.conf with the following:

 Always Looked Up Last = &IPBlock

then restart MailScanner and way you go..

if this is the correct handling, and those entries within ipblock.conf are
split with tab, then MailScanner would block those ips, running over those
default value for the rest of the hour..correct?

Whats your default for maximum mails an hour of one ip?
I mean an ip, you do not know.. :)

Any advice would be great.

Thanks in advance..


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