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Billy Pumphrey billy at PLANETGEEK.BIZ
Thu Feb 3 19:34:13 GMT 2005

> > # Person who should get root's mail
> > root:           administrator at woodmaclaw.com
> I don't have this.  What I did was in root's home dir (/root)
> I created a file called .forward and put in the following:
>   postmaster at ci.juneau.ak.us
> You might want to add postmaster at woodmaclaw.com as a 2nd
> email address for Administrator in Exchange, so that the
> Exchange server accepts that, or conversely, put
> administrator at woodmaclaw.com in your .forward file.  Or both
> just to be safe.
> Might all be much of a muchness, but I know using a forward
> file works.

        I do not have a user called postmaster.  Since I could not find the
simple command to show the list of users, I looked in /home and /etc/passwd
to see if there exist a postmaster account.  Does this account have to
exists?  Common sense would tell me so.  I did create a
postmaster at woodmaclaw.com address on the exchange server (and told it to
forward to my account which is besides the point) and that is the one that
delivered your message to me.

        I am going to take a .forward file and use it for my bpumphrey on
the mailscanner machine its self and forward to bpumphrey at woodmaclaw.com.
If I telnet into mailscanner, check my mail for bpumphrey on mailscanner the
mail is sent to bpumphrey at mailscanner.woodmaclaw.local.  I suppose that this
is correct and good practice?

> > ---------- In my mailertable I have this....
> > woodmaclaw.com          esmtp:[]
> > www.woodmaclaw.com      esmtp:[]
> That looks fine (assuming that someone actually sends to
> someone at www.woodmaclaw.com - I'd expect www to refer to a
> machine in the woodmaclaw.com domain rather than a mail
> domain but there's nothing that says it can't be both).  I
> also assume that *isn't* the IP address of
> mail.woodmaclaw.com, but is instead the internal address of
> the machine to forward to. is the exchange server that mailscanner forwards mail to.

> Did you create the mailertable.db?  You have to run the
> following command whenever you change a file like access, or
> mailertable:
>  makemap hash /etc/mail/mailertable < /etc/mail/mailertable
> makemap hash /etc/mail/access < /etc/mail/access
> If you don't do that, sendmail will never use the changes.
> In my circumstances, the mailertable, access table, etc. are
> pretty humble, but an ISP that is hosting hundreds or more
> domains might have a huge table so sendmail wants to create a
> db out of it for better performance.  The makemap command
> builds the database.

Yes I ran the makemap command.  No one sends to user at www.woodmaclaw.com.  It
was recommended by someone in the list when I was setting the machine up and
was getting help to put both in there.

> Also, make sure you use tabs, not spaces between the domain
> name and emspt...
> > ---------- In my relay-domains I have this....
> > Woodmaclaw.com
> > www.woodmaclaw.com
> That looks fine.  Or at least it looks similar to mine.  This
> file doesn't need to be hashed like the mailertable or the
> access table.
> And, in your sendmail.cf you should have the following (I'm
> assuming you have an access table - can't recall if you
> mentioned it or not):

I do have an access table
> FEATURE(`mailertable')dnl
> FEATURE(`access_db')dnl
> dnl  These mailers are available. per default only smtp is
> used. You have dnl  to add entries to /etc/mail/mailertable
> to enable one of the other dnl  mailers.
> MAILER(`local')dnl
> MAILER(`smtp')dnl
> If you change your sendmail.cf you'll have to regenerate your
> /etc/sendmail.conf

I searhced my sendmail.cf for the text of "dnl" and it did not find any.  I
did it by using vi and "/" as the command.  I found mailertable and
access.db in there several times, but it seems like we have different

> > I am confused about naming the mailscanner.woodmaclaw.local to
> > mailscanner.woodmaclaw.com.  Do I need to do this even though the
> > computer is in my local domain?
> I think this is actually OK - it needs to be .com on the
> outside, but can be .local on the inside.  I was a bit
> befuddled yesterday by your description.
> I think I sorted it out in my mind.

I did go ahead and change it to mailscanner.woodmaclaw.com

> > Seems like you have a similar setup as me?  I have...
> > --- path of mail ----
> > Internet
> > My csu/dsu 68.xxx.xxx.xxx
> > My router (linux smoothwall distro)
> > My mailscanner machine (mailscanner.woodmaclaw.local) My MS
> Exchange
> > machine (woodendc.woodmaclaw.local)

I am sorry about the above line with MS exchange, since there was no
caracter return that might have been confusing.

> Does the Exchange server accept mail for
> someone at woodmaclaw.com?  It will need to do that of course.

Yes, mail is in the format of someone at woodmaclaw.com

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