MailScanner/Clamscan problem

Samuel Lewis slewis at COMPLAW.COM
Thu Feb 3 15:14:00 GMT 2005

[My apologies if this is the second posting of this message; it wasn't
clear whether the message posted or not.]

I just upgraded to MailScanner-4.38.9-1 and I'm running clamav-0.81.
This morning, I attempted to e-mail a .tgz file.  When MailScanner
attempts to scan the e-mail with the .tgz file attached, I get a whole
bunch of entries like:

Feb  3 08:09:06 murphy MailScanner[31485]:
Feb  3 08:09:07 murphy MailScanner[31485]: ProcessClamAVOutput:
unrecognised line "irdb/author.created_on.idx.lock". Please contact the

in the /var/log/maillog.  It seems to create such an entry for every
file in the .tgz file.

I've attempted to run clamscan against the .tgz file manually to
determine if it is a clamav problem, and clamscan has no problem
processing the file.  I've also verified that the MailScanner.conf file
includes the "Incoming Work Group = clamav" and "Incoming Work
Permissions = 0640" as detailed in the clamav-wrapper file.

I noticed some discussion about this problem in the list archives, but
never saw a resolution other than upgrading to the current version.

Any suggestions you can provide are appreciated.

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