Kaspersky AV update failure caused MS to hang

Dan Harris dannyh at aac-services.co.uk
Wed Feb 2 11:32:50 GMT 2005


I had a situation at 13:15 GMT yesterday where failed update to my Kaspersky
5.0.2 installation caused MailScanner to hang without warning or error, the
only hint of anything wrong being in the kavupdater.log file.

I have "Virus Scanners = clamav bitdefender mcafee kaspersky-4.5" and "Virus
Scanner Timeout = 300" in my MS config file.

An initial restart of MS seemed to be going ok, doing the spam checks on the
first batch of 30 messages before hanging again after the "Virus and Content
Scanning: Starting" message. This was repeated several times before I
spotted the correlation between the times of the hang and the failed KAV

Removing KAV from the Virus Scanners list and restarting MS worked round the
problem, and a later KAV update seems to have fixed it.

So, I was wondering if:

A) Has anyone else witnessed this behaviour, either with KAV or any other AV

B) How aggressive is the Virus Scanner Timeout setting, and should it add an
appropriate error message in the log file? By aggressive I mean does it pass
this value to the AV scanner (if it supports it) and rely on that to behave,
or does it actively try to kill the process after the timeout period?

Next stop Kaspersky Labs support, as I've just noticed that they're now up
to version 5.0.5!

Best Regards,

Dan Harris
AAC Services Ltd.

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