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Carinus Carelse carinus.carelse at MRC.AC.ZA
Tue Feb 1 15:32:58 GMT 2005

I am again faced with the same problem i had before.  I am running two
copies of MailScanner with two seperate configs which works wonderfully
well.  i have set up two different databases for the loggin using
mailwatch.  I now have both copies running the new version but it only
logs everything to one database.  It does not even create the one debug
file but seems to proxy all of the info through one connection which is
the one that started up first.  Can anyone maybe help me with this
problem.  It worked well in version 4.27 until the new version 4.3 came
out I happily ran both logging to seperate databases and have seperate
web stats.  Any help is appreciated.


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