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Richard Thomas richard.thomas at PSYSOLUTIONS.COM
Fri Dec 30 16:27:46 GMT 2005

Scott Silva wrote:

>Rodney Green spake the following on 12/7/2005 9:37 AM:
>>How does Vispan handle log rotation? When my maillog file is rotated by
>>logrotate and maillog is an empty file will the stats get all messed up
>>because of that?
>I think Vispan reads the logs every x minutes, and then keeps its own
>data file.
I guess you'll get a blank period between the time when vispan last ran 
and when the log is rotated that the statistics will not be accoutned 
for. If it's really important, you could probably run vispan on the 
rotated log just after it is rotated. Though then it might conflict with 
a cron run vispan unless you use lockfiles (or maybe vispan does itself) 
so it might be more trouble than it's worth.


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