MS gateway checking for valid users before delivery

Chris Stone cstone at AXINT.NET
Thu Dec 29 01:55:57 GMT 2005

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On Wednesday 28 December 2005 06:44 pm, Erick Perez wrote:
> Hi, I've never implemented or read about how to setup the following
> config, so I wish some ideas can be given by the members of this list.
> in the past few days our microsoft exchange server is taking about 25k
> to 35k emails per day. All spam, destined in 80% of the cases to
> non-existent addresses in our company. So i think is a good time to
> give MS a try.
> I will use centos 4.2, MS, Postfix (or sendmail, but like postfix),
> MySQL,ClamAV and mailwatch to setup the antispam gateway (yes, we do
> not have spam protection blame the board of directors and the budget
> cuts).

Don't know how to do it with Postfix as the MTA but with Sendmail it's as easy 
as installing milter-sender (commercial) or milter-ahead (free). They will 
check the backend server defined through the mailertable.db file for valid 
addresses - if that backend server accepts the message, then sendmail will 
and it'll go through your MailScanner processing, otherwise, Sendmail 
(actually milter-ahead) will cause rejection of the messages. Works quite 


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