Alternative "From" address for me

Aaron K. Moore amoore at DEKALBMEMORIAL.COM
Tue Dec 27 14:06:27 GMT 2005

I just whitelisted the list address in SpamAssassin.  If you're running
mailscanner, you should be able to whitelist an address as it is pretty
straight forward.

Julian Field wrote:
> There are various SpamAssassin rulesets out there, notable the
> bogus-anti-virus-warnings set, which mark up postings from me as spam.
> The biggest problem this causes is that people miss my announcements
> on the mailing list.
> The easiest solution for all is for me to use a different "From:"
> address for my mailing list postings, so it doesn't hit these rules.
> They hit on the From: address containing the string "mailscanner" in
> any combination of upper and lower case.
> They could simply come from jkf at Quite a few of the
> possibilities have mailscanner in the domain name, which reduces the
> scope somewhat. Others include,,,
>, I have a
> load of others too, but they all contain the string "mailscanner" in
> them somewhere. 
> Any suggestions? I'll register a new one if someone has any good
> ideas, which are related to mailscanner but don't actually contain
> mailscanner. The sounds like one of the better ones.
> All thoughts and ideas are welcome.
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