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On 22/12/05, Kevin Miller <Kevin_Miller at> wrote:
> Glenn Steen wrote:
> >> I'm not sure if I'm the victim of a joe job, or reverse NDR, but in
> >> thinking about it, milter-ahead won't solve the greater problem
> >> anyway. Right now, my Exchange box is replying to the NDRs.
> >> Milter-ahead would just cause my MS gateway to do that instead.
> >
> > Um, no.... The thing is it'll reject the erroneous addresses early in
> > the SMTP conversation, at the RCPT TO: stage, way before any hefty
> > DATA has been sent, and _mostimportantly *before* you have accepted
> > the mail_... This means that the mail is still the senders problem,
> > and it is the _sending MTA_ that need generate the NDNs/NDRs, not you.
> > Nice, eh?
> Ah, you're right.  Sometimes one loses site of the forest for the trees.

Been there, done that (and any admin who says other is either lying or
not really worth their salt..... Or incredibly lucky:-).

> >> I think the better thing
> >> to do is to accept the mail and deep six it.
> >
> > No! Why take responsibility for something that really *shouldn't be
> > your problem*?
> Well, spam/viruses *shouldn't* be any of our problem and if they brought
> back public tar and feathering it wouldn't be <g>.  But it is.  So I'm
> just looking for the easiest way to ride out this storm.
*chuckle* True. But then, the next best thing is setting things up so
that *you* don't have to care;).

> >> Anybody see any problems with that,
> > (snip)
> >
> > More of a science project than handling it at the MTA, if you ask
> > me;-).
> Not really - a one line entry in spam.blacklist.rules is pretty simple,
> and would solve the immeditate problem until I can get milter-ahead or
> some other more robust solution implemented.  Not as optimal as doing it
> at the MTA perhaps, but definitely a testimony to the flexibilty of
> MailScanner!  Syncing active directory and sendmail is certainly doable
> but it's not a five minute job.
> Question is, would the example I gave work, and if not, what would?

You answered that nicely way before my "wine-reddled" fingers could
> > Merry Xmas!
> type an answer, so... yeah, well. Perhaps I should shut up.

> Thanks, you too.  And a spam-free New Year...

It'd better be... I'm 600 Km OoO, and not really planning to return
until after NY, so ... MailScanner will cover for me... as

-- Glenn
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