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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at GMAIL.COM
Fri Dec 23 21:03:09 GMT 2005

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On 22/12/05, Matt Kettler <mkettler at> wrote:
> Dj Ajos1 wrote:
> > -
> >
> > Just a quick question...
> >
> > Is the  "Clam Win Virus Checker" any good or not?
> >
> > I have never used it before and just wondering how successful it is?
> It works pretty well, every bit as well as clamav for *nix.
> However, one thing to be aware of is that clamwin does not at this time do any
> realtime monitoring. It's on-demand scanning only. Realtime file access
> monitoring is being developed, but isn't completed yet.
> Clamwin does come with an OE plugin to get outlook to scan your mail with clamwin.
> There is also a plugin to firefox (via, doesn't come with clamav) to
> make it use clamwin on all downloaded files.
CC Matt.

If one is looking for "El Cheapo AV for Windoze", I'd suggest looking
at the triple (I think? Too much wine already (unlike most, Xmas Eve
is the Big Day, here in Sweden... So today is kind of "the day
before"... Getting the tree in order (the bl**dy lights not working...
talk about HW problem:) and all), so everything with a grain of
salt... (If you
ve followed my use of parenthesis so far, you should be programming
lisp;)): AVG, Nod32 (not sure about this, check their site) and lastly
Antivir ( At least the last contain on demand
as well as on access scanning.

A slightly lopsided Merry Xmas!
-- Glenn
email: glenn < dot > steen < at > gmail < dot > com
work: glenn < dot > steen < at > ap1 < dot > se

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