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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at CI.JUNEAU.AK.US
Thu Dec 22 20:20:29 GMT 2005

Steve Campbell wrote:
> Kevin,
> How do you use your blacklist? I use it to delete emails only. I only
> put entries in my blacklist that are positively for deletion. Unless
> I don't understand all of the uses for the blacklist file, I feel
> another parameter for configuration in not needed.

Low scoring spam is quarantined for 30 days then deleted by a cron job.
That way I can easily recover from a false positive.  High scoring spam
is instantly vaporized with glee.

For me, the spam.blacklist.rules tags the messages as spam, not high
scoring spam, so they're stored in the quarantine directory.  In this
case, I *know* they're spam and would be happy to delete them, but I
don't want to delete *all* spam.

I could change 'Definite Spam is High Scoring' to yes, but the advantage
of leaving it at no is it provides a safety net which I needed in this
case as I wanted to make sure that *no* legitimate mail is lost and my
regex skills aren't sufficient to do that right out of the starting

Having the option to change the score on a case by case basis would be
handy, but maybe not handy enough for Julian to go the trouble.  If it's
not worthwhile for more than just me then that's fine - I'm
accomplishing my immediate goal w/the current setup...

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