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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at CI.JUNEAU.AK.US
Thu Dec 22 16:21:39 GMT 2005

Glenn Steen wrote:
>> I'm not sure if I'm the victim of a joe job, or reverse NDR, but in
>> thinking about it, milter-ahead won't solve the greater problem
>> anyway. Right now, my Exchange box is replying to the NDRs. 
>> Milter-ahead would just cause my MS gateway to do that instead.
> Um, no.... The thing is it'll reject the erroneous addresses early in
> the SMTP conversation, at the RCPT TO: stage, way before any hefty
> DATA has been sent, and _mostimportantly *before* you have accepted
> the mail_... This means that the mail is still the senders problem,
> and it is the _sending MTA_ that need generate the NDNs/NDRs, not you.
> Nice, eh?

Ah, you're right.  Sometimes one loses site of the forest for the trees.

>> I think the better thing
>> to do is to accept the mail and deep six it.
> No! Why take responsibility for something that really *shouldn't be
> your problem*?

Well, spam/viruses *shouldn't* be any of our problem and if they brought
back public tar and feathering it wouldn't be <g>.  But it is.  So I'm
just looking for the easiest way to ride out this storm.

>> Anybody see any problems with that,
> (snip)
> More of a science project than handling it at the MTA, if you ask
> me;-). 

Not really - a one line entry in spam.blacklist.rules is pretty simple,
and would solve the immeditate problem until I can get milter-ahead or
some other more robust solution implemented.  Not as optimal as doing it
at the MTA perhaps, but definitely a testimony to the flexibilty of
MailScanner!  Syncing active directory and sendmail is certainly doable
but it's not a five minute job.

Question is, would the example I gave work, and if not, what would?
> Merry Xmas!

Thanks, you too.  And a spam-free New Year...

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