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Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Thu Dec 22 09:19:32 GMT 2005

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On Thu, December 22, 2005 00:43, Jeff Mills wrote:
> Thanks for the responses guys.
>> It should be possible to do at all three stages (PF, MS, and
>> barfbag... eh Exchange). One "spiffy" thing you can do is to make a
header check (in PF) that'd reject the messages with a nice
>> "user at addr.ess has moved to user at newad.ress"... That way you'd need
spend less effort/resources.
> We would actually like the old domain to work for a while rather than
rejecting mail, but still respond to the sender.
> Further down the track when we do turn the old domain off though, your
idea will work quite well.

I'm always nervous about sending what amounts to bounces for this sort of
thing as spam, mailing lists, postmaster notices, other unknown people all
get the notifiction (Speak to Michelle Neylon about vacation messages to
mailing lists :-) ) but if you are under pressure to deliver this then you
could look at some thing like Reply-o-matic which I have used will do
what you are looking for. Put this on your MailScanner gateway for the
short term.

Longer term if you want to advise people about this domain's change then
you can use the relocated_maps = feature as described in the man page and just set up a domain map which
will then reject mail with that response. As you say this is fairly err,
aggresive and would be something I used in the latter stages of advising


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