Christmas is coming...

Billy A. Pumphrey bpumphrey at WOODMACLAW.COM
Wed Dec 14 15:24:06 GMT 2005


> I prefer to work at home on a laptop, and that's where most of the
> MailScanner work has to happen so that I can do my day job as well.
> That way I can have a glass of brandy (or Chablis) and watch the TV
> too (though I've got TV in my office at work now too :-)
> And if I  work on a laptop I can take it all with me when I go and
> hide for a week at my parents' place in Wales. It makes a lovely
> change of scenery, sit in the garden with cows looking over your
> shoulder and breathing down your neck!


Wales!  A while back at the Pleasanton Scottish games in Pleasanton,
California I looked up the origin of my name = Pumphrey.  I read that it
was from Wales.  Anyway, interesting to me, but maybe not anyone here :)

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