Troubleshooting slow processing

Max Kipness max at KIPNESS.COM
Tue Dec 13 17:09:41 GMT 2005

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As of yesterday, processing through MailScanner has slowed to a crawl.
Nothing to my knowledge has changed on the MailScanner server in any way.

Basically it appears like MailScanner is processing fine, but then not
handing off the messages to Sendmail. There are hundreds of messages in
the Sendmail inbound queue ( sits at about 700 - 800 messages,
then the MailScanner will fill to 90 and sit there for the longest time,
then it will fill to about 120 and dump some messages to the sendmail
outbound queue (mqueue). Other than that the Sendmail outbound queue just
sits at zero for long periods.

I created a realtime app that tracks the message queue, and here is a
snapshot of what it basically has looked liked for hours:

Mail Queues (In order Processed)
Sendmail Inbound Queue          731
MailScanner Inbound Queue:      90
Sendmail Outbound Queue:        0

CPU Load: 74

3 Second interval

Hit CTRL-C to drop to shell...

Any ideas of what the problem might be, or how to troubleshoot? Why aren't
the 90 mails just being dumped into mqueue? Based on the message log
they've been scanned.


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