trimming the logging

Craig White craigwhite at AZAPPLE.COM
Sun Dec 11 13:52:42 GMT 2005

I get LogWatch every day and because of the mail volume, it is
punitively large.

**Unmatched Entries**
 I get thousands of these types of entries (undoubtedly 1 for each email

   4D7A424F84A.3BCBB to C57F424F84B : 1 Time(s)

and one of these for each email (postfix MTA - mail pulled down by

**Unmatched Entries**

E6D0124F84C: hold: header Received: from unknown by CryptoWall via
esmtpp (Version id /var/KryptoWall/smtpp/kwzNGUFt;
Sat Dec 10 01:59:47 2005 from localhost.localdomain[];
to=<craig at> proto=ESMTP helo=<localhost>

and thus today's LogWatch was 9.1 megabytes which is painful to look at.

Are there any suggestions to minimize all this?



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