cannot install Mail::ClamAV perl module

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at GMAIL.COM
Fri Dec 9 17:24:56 GMT 2005

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On 09/12/05, Alex Neuman van der Hans <alex at> wrote:
> Glenn Steen wrote:
> >On 09/12/05, Alex Neuman van der Hans <alex at> wrote:
> >
> >
> >>That was it. ldconfig. Anyways, I always edit the script and
> >>add "--enable-milter" to be able to use clamav-milter, and remove the
> >>--disable-zlib-vcheck because I *like* knowing when my zlib's out of
> >>date ;).
> >>
> >>
> >
> >Thing is, some (perhaps demented:-) distros will have the patched zlib
> >installed, but will not have updated the zlib version number (weakness
> >of rpm package handling stategy there, to say the least.... Has seen
> >this with older versions of Mandriva). So to keep things as simple as
> >possible, I think Jules is doing the right thing, more or less.
> >
> >
> >
> I always make it a point to install zlib beforehand. Could there be,
> perhaps, a new version with zlib as part of the package? It would make
> sure everyone's *really* updated. You'd just have to add
> to the perl-tar folder, add
> "unpackarchive blah blah" for zlib (the usual "./configure && make &&
> make install" should work), and then change the ./configure
> --disable-zlib-vcheck to ./configure (--enable-milter if the user asked
> for it).

Hm. But that might add some ickyness WRT multiple lib versions, and
one (hopefully the one that gets used) installed from source... More
or less without the lusers^H^H^H^H^Hadmins knowledge... "There was a
bunch of things that scrolled of the screen...":-). Perhaps not the
best solution.
One could dream up a bunch of more or less workable solutions, but I'm
unsure if there is one that lack any substantial drawbacks...

Although the base problem is due to the rpm system/the distributors, I
see no really good solution.

-- Glenn
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