Vispan was RE: [MAILSCANNER] Log Analysis

Aaron K. Moore amoore at DEKALBMEMORIAL.COM
Wed Dec 7 13:22:29 GMT 2005

Is Vispan maintained anymore?  I checked the support forum on there
yesterday, but it looks like there's been very little activity on it
this year.

We've been having problems with it spontaneously clearing it's data.
That wouldn't be bad if I didn't have to then clean out the access file
by hand.

Is there anything out their similar to it that would work with milter?

Aaron Kent Moore
Information Technology Services
DeKalb Memorial Hospital, Inc.
Auburn, IN

Michele Neylon:: wrote:
> Rodney Green wrote:
>> Thanks everyone. I successfully got Vispan working. The stats it
>> provides are good enough for me right now. I just wanted to stats on
>> the number of virus infected and spam messages.
> Vispan is very handy, but I'd love to "take it to the next level"...

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