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Rick Cooper rcooper at DWFORD.COM
Tue Dec 6 18:50:24 GMT 2005

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> Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2005 12:31 PM
> Subject: Re: Log Analysis
> Rick Cooper wrote on         Tue, 6 Dec 2005 11:16:37 -0500:
> > I have never gotten MailWatch working either. Mysql always
> denies access to
> > the MailWatch user, even it has full priv to all hosts and all
> databases.
> Then your Mailwatch simply doesn't use the credentials you
> *think* it does
> use. If you want to get it running go to the Mailwatch list. Oh,
> you are not
> talking about the frontend, but Mailwatch.pm, then there's the
> problem, your
> credentials don't get used or SELinux is in the way if that is enabled.

No SeLinux, and I have created a MailScanner log line right before the
connect call and it outputs the correct host user database password,
everything. And the MailWatch error returned from mysql has the same
information, sans the password of course. I can copy past the information
from the MailScanner log and connect from the same host, or any other host
that has mysql access to that host. I have tried OLD_PASSWORD format and new
it allways says access denied from user MailWatch at host

Here I just whipped this up and it runs fine, from localhost, from the
actual server host from
Obviously I have changed the actual username and password but they are
copy/pased directly from MailWatch and I even called the connect from a sub
as does MailWatch:

use strict;
use DBI;

my ($dbh);
my ($db_host) = '';
my ($db_name) = 'mailscanner';
my ($db_user) = 'UserName';
my ($db_pass) = 'Password';
my ($dsn) = "DBI:mysql:$db_name:$db_host";

sub DoSomething{
$dbh = DBI->connect($dsn, $db_user, $db_pass);
   if ($dbh) {
    	print "Connected to $dsn as $db_user with $db_pass\n";
            print "FAILED to connect: $dsn as $db_user with $db_pass\n";

So somewhere in the MailScanner/MailWatch calls something is being handled
poorly. The only change between this and the MailWatch code is the use of
$dsn and I tried that in MailWatch without luck. I suppose I will look at it


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