4.48 and spamassassin warnings

Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Tue Dec 6 14:33:46 GMT 2005

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Nigel kendrick wrote:
> I've just got around to installing rulesdujour and as it runs it does a
> spamassassin --lint to check the config. The results of this test gave
> warnings about scores being assigned to undefined rules and this stopped
> rulesdujour from doing its stuff. 
> Upon checking I found the offending lines in the new mailscanner.cf file
> installed with version 4.48. My first worry is that this problem has been
> stopping spamassassin from working correctly with MailScanner?
> Strangely enough I have gone around and installed rulesdujour on 4
> (supposedly) identical systems and only two threw up this error.
> Is any action needed on this?
> Here are the lines - I have commented them out as necessary on my servers:
> # =============== Change SpamAssassin Rules scores ===============
> # To Change a SpamAssassin rule Score simply add an uncommented 
> # line similar to:
> # score SUBJ_ILLEGAL_CHARS 2.1
> score   VIRUS_WARNING15   0
> score   VIRUS_WARNING28   0
> score   VIRUS_WARNING33   0
> score   VIRUS_WARNING62   0
> score   VIRUS_WARNING66   0
> score   VIRUS_WARNING226  0
> score   VIRUS_WARNING250  0
> score   VIRUS_WARNING300  0
> score   VIRUS_WARNING326  0
> score   VIRUS_WARNING339  0
> score   VIRUS_WARNING340  0
> I also don't know if this is related to MailScanner's new install but on TWO
> (again) of the systems, 'bogus-virus-warnings.cf' threw up --lint errors and
> the file turned out to comprise html from the download site containing a
> 'forbidden' message referring to the fact that I had downloaded the rule too
> many times in the day - as it happens I don't recall installing this rule,
> so is it installed by MailScanner? In the end I just deleted the file and
> let rulesdujour pick it up again.

Please post the errors.


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