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Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Tue Dec 6 14:45:17 GMT 2005

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On Tue, December 6, 2005 13:33, Maruscya wrote:
> Hello Guys...
> I need help for MailScanner :)
> I'm using MailScaneer as gateway. All email received from the workd are
> checked by gateway and relayed to exchange. All email created from
> Exchange
> are send to Mailscanner for checking before send out.
> For message coming from world, i need store email localy and send a copy
> to
> Exchange. For example if i received an email from disney at for
> maruscya at, this email must be store maruscya box on linux and
> forwared to maruscya at on exchange server.
> The user maruscya will download message from exchange not from linux.
> My next idea will be install apache on Linux and browse email from web
> interface if exchange is death..
> It's possible do my idea with MailScanner ??

Yes :-)
> FYI: I use Mailscanner with postfix, SpamAssassin, Sophos, ClamAV, FProt
> Sorry for my bad english !

No worries, it's not the worst I have seen.

The obvious move, if you want to be able access the mail via 'webmail'
just in case would be to create two aliases for you users in Postfix's
virtual mail map file and make some corresponding entries in the virtual
mail box map. So what you have is:


maruscya at marcuscya at 
marcuscya at


marcuscya at  /path/to/virt/mailboxes/marcuscya/.maildir/

transport-map  relay:[]

postmap all of these files and amend Postfix's appropriately

I would then use something like Courier to manage the IMAP connection and
set the file to delete mail in the inbox over x days old so you
don't have Gb's of mail that you users won't need (Unless you need/ want
to retain an archive).

This will then have all your mail scanned by MailScanner with one copy
dropped into individual gateway mailboxes and to the Exchange box, which
is what I think you want to do?


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