MailScanner users using Postfix as their MTA: Question

Dhawal Doshy dhawal at NETMAGICSOLUTIONS.COM
Tue Dec 6 09:30:07 GMT 2005

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Jason Williams wrote:
> Greetings everyone!
> As I am getting ready to setup a new MailScanner server for our company, 
> I have toyed with the idea of using a different MTA; specifically, 
> Postfix. My background with MTA^Òs are in Sendmail, Postfix and Exchange. 
> I have had very good success running MailScanner with Sendmail, but I 
> wanted to switch things up a bit and possibly try Postfix here (keeps 
> things fun and interesting, right?)
> Anyway, I was hoping to ask current users of Mailscanner with Postfix, 
> if they could give me their feedback of what they like, dislike etc. Are 
> there any known issues or problems? Any performance hits? Lost mail etc.

MailScanner integrates really well with Postfix (no dual MTA setup), the 
backend MAP lookups for postfix are quite simple to use as well (if you 
want to query your exchange server for valid users). Performance is a 
non-issue with a default postfix setup (unless one does something really 
stupid). Except for the duplicate Message-IDs issue (long solved by 
Julian) and a postfix queue structure change (hash_queue_depth was 
dropped for the hold queue), i have yet to come across any show stopper.

The only issue so far with postfix being application of individual 
MailScanner rules in case a mail is sent to more than one recipient. 
Postfix currently cannot split mails into individual recipients with out 
a major performance hit. This behaviour is very specific to storing 
mails in the hold queue and not to final deliveries. However such a 
requirement is quite rare amongst the current postfix + MS users.

Also if you are a mailwatch user, some features are not compatible with 

Finally read the wiki for some great information on:
a. Postfix installation / configuration / integration with MS
b. Releasing messages from the quarantine
c. Postfix + MS politics

There are some other requirements if you are administering a postfix + 
MS setup.
a. Replying back to one's own list postings
b. A secret craving for World Domination

- dhawal

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