Whitelisting using 70_sare_whitelist_rcvd.cf

Anthony Peacock a.peacock at CHIME.UCL.AC.UK
Tue Dec 6 09:08:54 GMT 2005


> I'm trying to use the white list .cf file from
> http://www.rulesemporium.com/rules.htm#whitelist, the file being
> 70_sare_whitelist_rcvd.cf. Can I redirect MS to look at these rules
> which contain the follow directives?
> whitelist_from_rcvd
> -Or- is there another way of adding the contents of this file to
> another file? So far today, I have not seen any of these whitelisting
> rules take affect so I believe just by placing the .cf file in
> /path_to_your_cf does not work. Does MS recognize whitelist_from_rcvd
> and what's the best place to put it?

That is a SpamAssassin rule file.  You need to place it in your 
SpamAssassin site rules directory, on my system that is 
/etc/mail/spamassassin.  Just copy it into that directory, you don't 
need to change any other settings.  You will need to restart 
MailScanner so that it rereads the config and rules files.

Anthony Peacock       
CHIME, Royal Free & University College Medical School
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required is to sort them into the correct order."

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