MailScanner stoped working after PERL upgrade (I think so)

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at GMAIL.COM
Mon Dec 5 11:32:37 GMT 2005

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On 05/12/05, Boris Jordanov / âÏÒÉÓ êÏÒÄÁÎÏ× <boris.jordanov at> wrote:
> Hi MailScanners. Last night, after (i think so) a Perl upgrade to
> perl-5.8.6-18 (Fedora Core 4, selinux disabled) MailScanner stoped
> working. The setup is MailScanner+Postfix+SpamAssassin+Pyzor. For the
> moment SpamAssassin+Pyzor are not active.
> When I saw the problem I've upgraded MailScanner to 4.48.4-2(rpm) but no
> change.
> The mail makes it's way to the hold directory, and when it comes to
> MailScanner (Debug=yes):
> Can't call method "DropFromBatch" on unblessed reference at
> /usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner/
> This is the one and only debug line and the proces dies. When
> SpamAssassin is enabled there is much more output, but everything before
> this line looks perfect.
> Any ideas/help?

Aside from the perl issue you seem to have, is the files in hold
really valid queue files (check with postcat)? That member sub will
only be invoked if it/they are not fully written.

Can't really say I have any ideas about the perl thing though (having
a "brain-fade-day" here:-).
-- Glenn
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