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Julian Field MailScanner at
Fri Dec 2 11:43:20 GMT 2005


I hope you don't mind, I will publish this to the list for other  
people too.

What you need to do is this:

perl -MMail::SpamAssassin -e 'print Mail::SpamAssassin->new- 
(all of that is on 1 line)

This will print out a directory name if you have SpamAssassin installed.
Say it prints out
and you have MailScanner installed in /usr/local/MailScanner, then  
you want to do
	ln -s -f /usr/local/MailScanner/etc/spam.assassin.prefs.conf /etc/ 
(again all on 1 line).

To put it a different way, say the perl command outputs directory SA,  
and your MailScanner etc directory is in directory MS, then you want to
	ln -s -f MS/spam.assassin.prefs.conf SA/

On 2 Dec 2005, at 11:36, Grigorios G. Papazoglou wrote:

> Hi Julian,
> since in my current installation is rather difficult (for me at the  
> moment) to use the script, could you please let me know  
> the necessary manual action (if I am to upgrade to 4.48) as far as  
> spam.assassin.prefs.conf is concerned?
> Thanks
> Julian Field wrote:
>> I have just released the December version of MailScanner, version  
>> 4.48.
>> Download it as usual from
>> The major new features this month are:
>> - - The way spam.assassin.prefs.conf is used has changed.
>>    **You don't have to worry about this, the scripts   
>> handle it all for you.**
>>    The file used to be effectively read by MailScanner specially  
>> as  SpamAssassin starts up, but there have been various problems  
>> with  this as it breaks the rules on what SpamAssassin settings  
>> can be in  what files. The file is now linked into the  
>> SpamAssassin directories  (/etc/mail/spamassassin on most Linux,  
>> for example). It is no longer  read specially by MailScanner, it  
>> is just read by SpamAssassin as  part of its normal startup.
>> - - There is a new "Reject Message" configuration option that can  
>> cause  some messages to be rejected and a rejection report sent  
>> back to the  original sender of the message. This is designed to  
>> be used with a  ruleset. Although you can easily configure your  
>> MTA (sendmail,  Postfix, etc) to do this for you, you only have 1  
>> line to use as the  error message. Doing it in MailScanner allows  
>> you to send back a  polite well-formatted message that can explain  
>> to the sender what  happened and why. There is a matching  
>> "Rejection Report" setting that  will set the name and location of  
>> the report sent to the sender.
>> The full Change Log is this:
>> * New Features and Improvements *
>> - - Added a new configuration option "Reject Message". This is  
>> designed  to be
>>    used with a ruleset. Any message matching the ruleset will be   
>> deleted and
>>    the "" email message will be sent back to  
>> the  original
>>    sender of the offending message. To save a copy of the message  
>> as  well as
>>    reject it, use the "Archive Mail" setting.
>> - - Rearranged SpamAssassin spam.assassin.prefs.conf file, it is  
>> now  read by
>>    SpamAssassin via a link called "" in the  
>> site_rules  directory.
>>    It is no longer read directly by MailScanner, it is just read  
>> by  Spam-
>>    Assassin during its normal initialisation process.
>> - - Enabled blocking of messages containing web bugs. Note this  
>> may  have some
>>    false alarms, as a web bug is any image of 2x2 or smaller.
>> - - Improved ClamAVmodule scanning by adding new suggestions from   
>> ClamAV author.
>> - - Changed ClamAV parser to not generate warning output when it  
>> sees  lines it
>>    wasn't expected, as there are so many false positives that no- 
>> one  ever
>>    looks at them anyway.
>> - - Improved Sophos wrapper script to allow for EM library  
>> installations.
>>    No support for Sophos V5.0 yet.
>> - - Upgraded ClamAV to 0.87.1.
>> - - Added HTML::Parser to the list of Perl modules installed by  
>> my  ClamAV+SA
>>    package so it can be used separately from MailScanner, without   
>> needing
>>    MailScanner to be installed first.
>> - - Improved Clam+SA package and other installation scripts to  
>> create  the soft-
>>    link whenever possible.
>> - - Rewritten comments at the top of spam.assassin.prefs.conf.
>> - - Speed improvement changing &POSIX::WNOHANG to WNOHANG in sub  
>> Explode.
>> * Fixes *
>> - - Added "report-type" MIME attribute to spam notification  
>> multipart/ report
>>    messages as the RFC says it should be there, and this lacking   
>> caused a
>>    problem in a few email apps. Thanks for Georg at for this.
>> - - Added missing ", 0777" from mkdir call in internal TNEF code.
>> - - Fixed startup problems reading rulesets from LDAP on first  
>> message  batch.
>> - - Subject lines are all MIME-decoded properly now.
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