Recurring abuser

Tim Sailer sailer at BNL.GOV
Thu Dec 1 19:57:18 GMT 2005

On Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 02:51:22PM -0500, DAve wrote:
> Casey King wrote:
> >My MailScanner boxes are still getting drilled with the Sober.Virus and
> >spam (none which have made it through) from a single IP address.  I did
> >a lookup on for the address {} but made no
> >headway on what to do about this.  What steps do I need to do in order
> >to get this to stop?  I haven't seen a degridation in mail processing,
> >but seeing over 150 Sober infected emails, and countless spam each day
> >is a bit annoying.
> >
> This might help track down a contact address,
>  I would block them at your sendmail access file for the time being.

On my Linux boxes running MS, I use Vispan. From the web interface:

Temporary Spam / Virus Source Blocks- (total 6305)

Level 1 - 5463 ; Level 2 - 425 ; Level 3 - 254 ; Level 4 - 163 ; 

Repeat offenders get bumped to the next level, and have the IPTables
block for a longer period of time. It's very effective.


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