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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at GMAIL.COM
Thu Dec 1 13:08:20 GMT 2005

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On 01/12/05, Drew Marshall <drew at themarshalls.co.uk> wrote:
> On Wed, November 30, 2005 00:40, Peter Russell wrote:
> > Hi there, this is slightly OT question about postfix virtual alias
> > maps/domains.
> >
> > We have a Domino network that we no longer to receive mail, all
> > forwarded to an Exchange environment.
> >
> > Domino had 2 domains names for each username. So user1 at domain1.com and
> > user1 at domain2.com mail was delivered to the same mailbox.
> >
> > Now i will to use Postfix on my mailscanner gateway to redirect either
> > of those examples to a third domain. eg
> >
> > virtual_alias_map
> > user1 at domain2.com, user1 at domain2.com  user2 at domain3.com
> >
> > But since user1 is the same for 2 domains, is there any easy way to do
> > this without specifying the 2 domains for each entry? So any mail for
> > domain1.com or domain2.com lookup the same alias map, eg
> >
> > user1 user2 at domain3.com
> Here is another way to look at this (Other than using virtual maps).
> How about using alias maps on the local side as opposed to virtual?
> Let me explain further. In the aliases file is a list of local users and
> where their addresses alias to. Now from Postfix's perspective any domain
> listed as local in main.cf will use this database to check aliases and
> user maps, so if you create one list for example:
> pete:    pete at exchange.domain.com
> (Don't forget to run newaliases) and then modify main.cf to list your
> incoming domains (All of them) as local in main.cf. All you then need to
> do is modify your transport map file like:
> exchange.domain.com    smtp:[exchange.ip.add.ress]
> and postmap the transport file.
> This will tell Postfix to alias all mail addressed to pete@<domains listed
> as local> to pete at exchange.domain.com, MailScanner will do it's bit and
> then the transport map will tell the delivery agent where to direct mail
> to exchange.domain.com.
> Doing it this way you may even be able to extract the users from AD and
> add them to the aliases file automatically.
> My 2p anyway
> Drew

That is simply a lovely solution. Go with that if you can Pete, would
likely be a faster solution (and simpler to "script around", in some
ways, if you do that for admin ease).
Now, why didn't I think of that:-)

-- Glenn
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