Mail::ClamAV Install problem

Jon Leeman technician at CENPAC.NET.NR
Thu Dec 1 00:13:02 GMT 2005

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>>I have recently installed MS on a Mandrake 10.0 machine from
>>"install-Clam-SA.tar.gz" and "MailScanner-4.47.4-2.rpm.tar.gz".
>>(I have a production MDK 10.0 machine I installed about 7 months ago
>>running MS 4.40.6 / ClamAV 0.83 /  0.17  Mail::ClamAV.)
> Why would you stay with dreary ol' 10.0? I've installed exactly this
> on a LE2005 (10.2) with no problems whatsoever... And will probably
> move up to 10.3 (2006) when I get a free timeslot or two...:-)

As soon as a friend sends the 10.2 CD's from overseas - ever tried
downloading the three ISO's via a congested 64 Kbps satellite link ? -
I'll do a complete re-install.


> (snip)
> Do you have any other errors that might pertain to this? That "failed
> in require" indicate that you can't get hold of the libclamav
> functions somehow (assuming I read the code correctly:-), one option
> of which would be for it to fail to build at all...

I came in at about 0400 this morning and did a complete re-install of
the machine with 10.0 again.  Mail-ClamAV-0.17.tar.gz installed with 
absolutely no problems this time.  I must have screwed something badly 
with the original install.

Thanks for your time.

> BTW, you should really update that Clamav install on the "old
> (working) system" regardless of this problem, since 0.83 will fail to
> get signature updates (run a "freshclam -v" if you need "proof":).

Thanks for the 'heads up' and I have upgraded.  Just as well I run 
Bitdefender in parallel.


Jon [Nauru, Central Pacific]

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