ripping atachments on MS gateway??

Kosta Lekas KLekas at FOXRIVER.COM
Wed Aug 31 16:13:07 IST 2005

I am using Postfix and MS 4.42.9 and my MS system is a gateway, I have a
transport configured in postfix to forward all my mail to my Exchange
Box, I also have configured a relay_recipient_maps in postfix and pull a
recipient list from exchange using with Net::LDAP module so
there are no local users on my MS box.


This is what I am looking to do:

I want to use ripmime program to strip attachment from email that one of
my users gets daily. I want to intercept this email on MS gateway, rip
the attachment (word doc) and then scp it to an internal host where it
will be parsed. We are doing this now thru an outlook rule and an
attachment removing application that is on the local users PC, the
problem is that the user can never turn his PC off for this to work
because the windows ripping app is local.

            I was thinking of using a global procmail rule on MS gateway
to catch the email coming in and writing a script to rip and scp the
attachment to the internal host. The problem is that I don’t know
how to get procmail to work with my setup and I am not sure if this is
the best way to handle this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.   




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