Beta release 4.45.2

Scott Silva ssilva at SGVWATER.COM
Mon Aug 29 23:52:53 IST 2005

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Julian Field spake the following on 8/27/2005 9:33 AM:
> I have just release beta release version 4.45.2.
> The major new feature for this beta release is the ability to control
> whether you want to highlight any phishing attack links and/or modify
> the subject line when a phishing attack is found.
> The other useful thing is that when a message passes through more than
> one MailScanner servers and a "web bug" is found, you no longer get the
> "Web Bug from MailScannerWebBug" text in the message, so the message
> looks a lot tidier in this situation.
> Download as usual from
> For your interest, MailScanner is now running at a steady rate of 30,000
> downloads per month.
> The total measured so far is about 580,000 downloads. So I have beaten
> the 1/2 million downloads figure, yay! That implies me that my best
> guess of the number of sites is probably at least 60,000 sites. That's
> quie a few, and way more than any of the commercial systems. Barracuda
> jump up and down about their 12,000 boxes: small fry :-)
Congrats on your half-million milestone!
It wouldn't have happened if MailScanner wasn't such a great piece of


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