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Rabellino Sergio wrote:

> Denis Beauchemin wrote:
>> On Sat, 27 Aug 2005 11:05:20 +0100, Julian Field
>> <MailScanner at ECS.SOTON.AC.UK> wrote:
>>> How is MailScanner going to know that %E9 is the same as &eacute; ?
>> I don't know but since these are no longer illegal there has to be a 
>> way to
>> not treat them as such.
>> Denis
> I found this table (grabbed from w3c) that can be used to map the 
> binary code to HTML code.
> The bad thing is that this table must be hardcoded into MS, I think.
> Bye.
> PS. I've checked the table and E9 (=233) map to acute;


I have found this Perl module: URI::Escape which has functions to 
encode/decode %nn characters.  At the end of the readme it also says:
The module can also export the |%escapes| hash, which contains the 
mapping from all 256 bytes to the corresponding escape codes. Lookup in 
this hash is faster than evaluating |sprintf("%%%02X", ord($byte))| each 

Now, I'll try to find some other module that can convert the 
international character into &eacute;...


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