Sophos Antivirus Library Remote Heap Overflow ?

Darrin Powell dpowell at LSSI.NET
Mon Aug 29 16:12:15 IST 2005

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Has anyone seen this? Is there an update from Sophos? I couldn't find
anything on their site.

August 26, 2005

The Sophos Antivirus Library provides file format support for virus analysis. During analysis of Visio files Sophos is vulnerable to a heap overflow allowing attackers complete control of the system(s) being protected. This vulnerability can be exploited remotely without user interaction or authentication through common protocols such as SMTP, SMB, HTTP, FTP, etc. 

Successful exploitation of Sophos protected systems allows attackers unauthorized control of data and related privileges. It also provides leverage for further network compromise. Sophos Antivirus Library implementations are likely vulnerable in their default configuration.

Affected Products
Sophos Antivirus for Windows 2000/XP/2003
Sophos Antivirus for Windows NT
Sophos Antivirus for Mac OS X
Sophos Antivirus for MAC 8/9
Sophos Antivirus for UNIX/Linux
Sophos Antivirus for Netware
Sophos Antivirus for OS/2
Sophos Antivirus for OpenVMS
Sophos Antivirus for DOS/Windows 3.1x
Sophos Antivirus Small Business Edition for Windows
Sophos Antivirus Small Business Edition for Mac
PureMessage Small Business Edition 
PureMessage for Windows/Exchange
PureMessage for UNIX
MailMonitor for SMTP â^À^Ó Windows
MailMonitor for Notes/Domino
MailMonitor for Exchange

The Sophos Antivirus Library is also OEM by over 25 other vendors with products that are affected by this vulnerability; see the following link for a list. There are also several vendors not listed that OEM the Sophos Antivirus Library. Refer to Sophos or your vendor for specifics.

This vulnerability was discovered and researched by Alex Wheeler.

security at 


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