Spam Actions

Venkata Achanta vachanta at GMAIL.COM
Tue Aug 23 19:32:34 IST 2005

Hello List,

   I currently have a MailScanner box which is a MX host (which delivers to 
exchange) for 3 domains say and my spam actions are 
set to "forward spam at". 

Currently all the spam for the three domains is hitting a single 
mailbox.Now I want these spam e-mails to be routed to 3 different mailboxes 
on the exchange based on the source/destination domain.

The mailscanner manual says this can be file name of a rule set. 

I wanted to check if this is the correct way to do it.

In MailScanner.conf

spam actions = %rules-dir%/spamactions.rules

spamactions.rules file will contain the following

FromOrTo: * forward spam at
FromOrTo: * forward spam at
FromOrTo: * forward spam at

Is this the way to do it ?

Thanks much,
Venkata Achanta

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