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I posted a message a few days ago about problems regarding my mailgateway
fc3, sendmail, clamav, spamassassin and mailscanner.

I am running a fedora core 3 server. This comes with both
sendmail(8.12.11, config V10/Berkeley) and spamassassin(3.0.4) already
installed. I have installes clamav(0.85 ClamAV 0.85 / wbmclamav 0.6.0)
myself from rpm.

No the mailscanner works well when it comes to virus control. I have tried
to send for instance eicar, but this is stopped by the mailgateway.

My problem now is that the messages are not scanned for spam. Even thou
mailscanner is set up to use spamassassin, and spamassassin i s activated,
there is nothing in the mailheaders to indicate that the mails are scanned
for spam.

Spamassassin is configured (this is done in the server installation) to
work with procmail, so maybe the problem lies here. If so, how can I
change this?



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