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> Subject: mailscanner with clamav an spamassasin howto
> Hello!
> I am running a mailgateway with sendmail. After getting sendmail to work
> properly I installed clamav and spamassasin. On top of this I installed
> mailscanner. By pure luck (I think) I got the mailscanner to work properly
> with both sendmail and clamav, but it did not work that easily with
> spamasassin.
> I have told mailscanner to use spamassin in the comfiguration file, but
> the mails are clearly not scanned for spam.
> Does anyone know of a howto for sendmail/ clamav/ spamassasin/
> mailscanner, or  can anyone tell me what I should to to make spamassasin
> work with mailscanner?
> Thnaks a lot!
> Bjorn

There is a lot of useful information in the Wiki :)

A little more information would be helpful:

	What Operating System are you using?
	How did you install SpamAssassin, i.e. CPAN, tarball, rpm?
	What versions of MailScanner, and Spam Assassin are you installing?
	Do you logs show any errors?
	What does the output of the following command return:

		spamassassin -D -p <path_to_Spam.assassin.prefs.conf> --lint

On a Linux system <path_to_Spam.assassin.prefs.conf> typically =



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