Queue is slow to empty, and another thing

Billy A. Pumphrey bpumphrey at WOODMACLAW.COM
Thu Aug 18 16:57:07 IST 2005

My MailScanner machine is:
Dual 600mhz
1024 RAM
5x hard drives @ RAID 5

MailScanner version 4.43.8
Running razor, DCC, pyzor, rulesdujour, various other rules, ClamAV,
Bitdefender (all latest versions as of about 2 months ago)

My MailScanner is a gateway between the internet and Exchange.
I put missed spam in a exchange folder
Use fetchmail to get the spam mail to the linux machine
Run sa-learn


I usually have between 100-300 emails that I do at once.  This fills up
the inbound queue (looking at mailstats).  It always takes a long time
to get it emptied and processed, about 30min or a little longer.

On normal operation, when I am not slamming it with 300 emails, it keeps
up just fine.  Mailwatch shows:
Load Average: 5.12 4.84 4.49 

I telnet in and "top", cpu usage isn't 100% all the time, average maybe
60-70.  RAM is ok = about 700-800 used out of 1024.

Common sense pretty much tells me that the machine is chuggin and just
cannot keep up.  Can anyone recommend any changes to speed up this
machine with settings?

Also when I do this process.  It seems that when the missed spam emails
go through mailscanner again, some of it gets tagged as spam.  Why would
it get tagged as spam the second time and not the first time?

Billy Pumphrey
IT Manager
Wooden & McLaughlin

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