how to pre-process forwarded mail for sa-learn

Michael Shiloh michael at MICHAELSHILOH.COM
Tue Aug 16 07:27:52 IST 2005


I'm using mailscanner+spamassassin+postfix on a gentoo system and 
have been very happy with it. It is time to train it further on 
the spam that slips through.

I read my email with pine, and I save all my spam in a mailbox called 
"spam". I use mbox format, and I simply run sa-learn against my spam

Other people at my site read email on their windows machines using pop 
and Microsoft Outlook, so it's a little harder to run their email into

I've searched the archives and the web at large, and I have found
scripts that will remove forwarding headers, so that I can set up a
mailbox for spam and have my windows users forward their missed spam to
the appropriate mailbox which will then by filtered and processed by

The trouble is, all the scripts I've found are proclaimed (by the
authors) to be hacks and don't seem to really work well.

It would seem to me that what I am trying to do
must be very common, and I am suprised that there aren't better tools
for doing this. This leads me to believe that either my approach is
wrong, or I am unable to find the answer.

So my question is this: How can I best collect the missed spam from my
Windows users, and train spamassassin on it? Is there a formal
procedure, or is the state of the art really the hacked scripts that I
find on the web? At the very least, can someone point me to a good
example of such a script?


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