oom-killer - Spamassassin timeout?

Dirk Enrique Seiffert ds at CARIBENET.COM
Mon Aug 15 22:15:01 IST 2005

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El Dom 14 Ago 2005 13:16, Julian Field escribió:
> Try reducing the "Restart Every" time.

Researching the logs for suspicious processes I found on both crashes a 
MailScanner process "kernel: Out of Memory: Killed process 2121 
(MailScanner)." In the first crash the process had been running for about 4 
hours, in the second crash it was about 12 hours. I changed "Restart Every" 
to hourly restarts. (Usually I restart every 24 hours without having 

As this is a brand new machine and I have two more installations with same O/S 
and application versions running without any problems, I would like to get a 
better idea of the reason for these crashes. Other posters on this thread 
asign this problem to bad memory or a kernel bug? Searching the net I find 
some posts on Spamassassin consuming memory. Anyhow I can see that the 
machine stays fine for about one week, then it starts slightly to swap out. 
And very fast and sudden it crashes with the OoM-killer, killing a 
MailScanner process first. (As this is only a mailserver its not a big 
suprise that MailScanner ist the first one to die, there is not much more 

Cahnging the value in "Restart Every" hopefully helps, but isn't it a 
workaround for other problems?

Thanks for your opinion


> Dirk Enrique Seiffert wrote:
> >I run MailScanner 4.43.8-1 with spamassasin 3.0.4-1.1 on SUSE Linux 9.3
> >Profesional, kernel The machine is a Dual Xeon, Raid1,
> > 2G Memory, moves about 20.000 mails per day. After working well for about
> > 10 days the server runs out of Memory with a message like:
> >
> >Aug  4 16:17:34 mail kernel: Normal: 74*4kB 1059*8kB 1072*16kB 85*32kB

Dirk Enrique Seiffert
CaribeNet S.A. - Cartagena - Colombia

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