In hebrew emails mail scanner puts gibberish in the Subject line

Yossi Mor yossimor at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Aug 13 21:17:45 IST 2005

Hi forum,

I am facing this problem with several companies that send emails where the 
subject line is in hebrew is jammed to gibrish(not all of them).

I am using MailScanner version that cause unicode translation 
problems because when the MailScanner service was stopped the problem did 
not reproduce.

On other network enviroment with similar environment and same version of 
MailScanner (i.e mail relay in the dmz and application fw (Aladdin eSafe 
in the internal net) i did not have that issue at all. MailScanner was 
configured to work with spamassassin anti-spam and both clamav and mcafee 

Are there other places where i can look for? Maybe adjust the character 
set to support un resolved unicode? 

Is it /etc/sysconfig/i18n issue?

OS / Sendmail  related issue? (MailScanner is installed on top of sendmail 
that comes with Fedora Core 3.

Can the problem is due to spamassassin? since this module scan the subject 
line and i am using version 3.0.4

Can you please advice on recommended version of mailScanner to use? At the 
beginning, i have used advanced version of MAilScanner (10-44-1) and 
comment 'use bytes' statment in some configuration file as adviced from 
the MAilScanner project. but it did not work.

Is there a way to configure MailScanner not to scan the 'Subject' line in 
the email? What are the risks? or to skip scanning messages that comes 
from trusted domains?

Previous version of MailScanner that was installed on the specific 
enviroment was 4.24-5 and that was OK.

Kindly regards,


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