Attn Julian - broken bayes_file_mode defaults in spam.assassin.prefs.conf

Steve Freegard smf at F2S.COM
Thu Aug 4 23:14:12 IST 2005

Hi Matt/Julian,

On Thu, 2005-08-04 at 12:26 -0400, Matt Kettler wrote:
> Aaron K. Moore wrote:
> > Maybe Matt isn't running MailScanner as root.
> I'm not encountering problems, as I use neither bayes_path nor bayes_file_mode.
> I just noticed the error based on remembering Theo chastise a few people on the
> spamassassin-users list when they set it to 600, 660, or 666.
> Besides, if everything is running as root, the 660 is irrelevant anyway. The
> default of 700 would be adequate, which is what I use.

I know where the 'bayes_file_mode 0660' default came from - some time
ago spam.assassin.prefs.conf was changed to a version supplied by FSL.

The FSL version was written and customized by several of us for FSL
customers and SMGateway.

The bayes_file_mode and bayes_path changes are both required by
MailWatch which is why they were in the FSL version of this file.

As noted by Matt - I think the MailScanner default should be 0700 as
this will suit the majority.  I supply the necessary permissions changes
as part of the MailWatch installation instructions anyway and I tend to
recommend the use BayesStore::MySQL anyway now.

You could probably just comment both out in the file and let
SpamAssassin use the defaults as it used to be.

Kind regards,

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