unable to write pid to sendmail.pid

Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Tue Aug 2 20:36:21 IST 2005

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James D. Parra wrote:

>>(This time to the list, not only Steve:-)
>>Um, why not try determine exactly what is keeping it open?
>>fuser -u /var/run/sendmail.pid
>>could be a start.
># fuser -u /var/run/sendmail.pid
>/var/run/sendmail.pid: 27670(root)
># ps auxf |grep 27670
>root     27670  0.0  0.5   6684  2724 ?        Ss   Aug01   0:00 sendmail:
>accepting connections  
>Scott mentioned that maybe the incoming and out going sendmail instances
>were writing to the same pid. If this is correct, how can I fix it?
>"Perhaps the two separate instances of Sendmail (incoming and outgoing)
>are trying to write to the same pid.  Is there a way to make one of the
>processes write to a different pid?"
You can add a -OPidFile=/var/run/sendmail.out.pid to the sendmail 
command line for the outgoing sendmail queue runner.

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