perl(Archive::Zip) is needed by mailscanner-4.44.6-1

Alex Neuman van der Hans alex at NKPANAMA.COM
Tue Aug 2 18:54:24 IST 2005

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Julian Field wrote:

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>Alex Neuman van der Hans wrote:
>>module I see listed as "perl-blahblah.src.rpm" from CPAN (just in 
>>case) and then run the install. After the install chokes (which is 9 
>>times out of 10) because of some "I need perl-blahblah-rpm" I then try 
>>to install the supposedly missing modules (I know they're there, I 
>>just installed them from CPAN!) using up2date/yum/apt/urpmi/whatever; 
>>if that doesn't work, I go out and look for it on rpm search sites or 
>>that rpmpan place. If I *don't* find it for any reason, I just "rpm 
>>-Uvh mailscanner-whatever.rpm --nodeps" since I *know* the modules are 
>This strikes me as very odd, as 99% of people have no dependency 
>problems at all. I added the "nodeps" command-line option, but I have 
>never had a need for it myself.
>Any ideas on what might be causing your problems? It would be good to 
>get this resolved, as the installation clearly doesn't work properly for 
>you at all.
I can always make a note of everything next time I install - but I 
repeat, I've never considered this a "problem" - mostly because whoever 
complains about anything similar usually winds up having some other 
problem (two perls, LANG=somethingweird, etc.) to attribute this to.

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