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Tue Aug 2 18:30:48 IST 2005

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Alex Neuman van der Hans wrote:

> I've almost always had problems installing MailScanner from the rpm 
> install because it seems to depend on RPM versions of CPAN modules. I 
> always make it a point to untar the rpm.tar.gz file, install each 
> module I see listed as "perl-blahblah.src.rpm" from CPAN (just in 
> case) and then run the install. After the install chokes (which is 9 
> times out of 10) because of some "I need perl-blahblah-rpm" I then try 
> to install the supposedly missing modules (I know they're there, I 
> just installed them from CPAN!) using up2date/yum/apt/urpmi/whatever; 
> if that doesn't work, I go out and look for it on rpm search sites or 
> that rpmpan place. If I *don't* find it for any reason, I just "rpm 
> -Uvh mailscanner-whatever.rpm --nodeps" since I *know* the modules are 
> present - especially when MailScanner -V reports them as existing and 
> equal or newer than the ones that came with the rpms when I run it 
> right after the install. It's kind of "the nuisance I've learned to 
> live with" since I've never been stopped from getting mailscanner 
> working because of it.

This strikes me as very odd, as 99% of people have no dependency 
problems at all. I added the "nodeps" command-line option, but I have 
never had a need for it myself.

Any ideas on what might be causing your problems? It would be good to 
get this resolved, as the installation clearly doesn't work properly for 
you at all.

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Julian Field
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