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Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Mon Aug 1 22:48:24 IST 2005

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Aaron Bridge wrote:
> This program was recommended to me.  I just want to be sure what I want to
> do is possible with mailscanner.
> My companys user's POP email directly to their client from an outside
> provider.  I would like to set a server up that would POP the email for the
> clients then filter the SPAM, and finally send the legit messages to the
> proper user.  
> Is Mailscanner with SpamAssasin what I need to be looking for to accomplish
> this? Preferred method? Software?

No. MailScanner is meant to work with an MTA (smtp server) and you won't have one.

If you must pop from an outside server you probably want to use fetchmail to get
the mail from the outside server, then  have procmail call spamc to scan the
mail with SA as it's delivered to the users' mbox. From there, set up a pop
server for your users to pop from your server instead of the outside one.

The problem you'll have is it's rather difficult to do this for any decent
number of user accounts on the outside server, as fectchmail will need to store
the access credentials to connect to the outside server. Not very secure.

Ideally you should set up a MTA, and get the outside server to relay to you. If
you can get that working, then you can use MailScanner. You'll still need a
local pop server, but you won't need to use procmail.

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