maillog logging level

Billy A. Pumphrey bpumphrey at WOODMACLAW.COM
Thu Apr 28 18:29:16 IST 2005

NOTE: I am trying to cut some of the message because it is being
rejected looking like a script or something.

Ok :)
That worked, as in I sent a message to me from the sendmail successfully
to my email address.  
Now how do I test to see if it can/will receive email?

Billy Pumphrey
IT Manager
Wooden & McLaughlin

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> I'm not sure the -v will actually help you, but the main things are
> 1) Put a blank line after the headers, before the body of the message
> 2) End the message by putting a dot '.' on its own on a line.
> 3) Make sure you put proper email address in the From and To as you
> using -t so it gets the envelope addresses from the headers.
> So your message should look like
> To: craigh at
> From: craigh at
> Subject: Sendmail Test
> Ignore this test.
> .
> I think that should work rather better. If it doesn't immediately give

> you your shell prompt back after the "." line then press Ctrl-D to end

> the message.

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