incoming/outgoing spool shared with several mailscanners over nfs?

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Thu Apr 28 14:23:02 IST 2005

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Ugo Bellavance wrote:
> Leif Neland wrote:
>> Just FYI:
>> I tried using balance (
>> It's an userland daemon, which listens on one port, and forwards the
>> requests to several servers on a round robin schedule.
>> It works ok, but had the disadvantage that all connections to sendmail
>> came
>> from my own network, and therefore was whitelisted; all acl's on ip was
>> defeated.
>> I must look into other types of loadbalancing, beside dns.
> Is there a reason why you can't go with DNS?
Yepp I would love to know that as well :)
Luckily enough SMTP has load balancing built in by design so to speak :)

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