ANNOUNCE: beta release 4.41.2

Chuck Foster chuck.foster at STREAMSHIELD.COM
Thu Apr 28 11:45:49 IST 2005

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I have just released a new beta 4.41.2.
This is mostly a bugfix from 4.41.1.
The next version will be based on this one, so please file your bug
reports :-)

Hi Julian,

I noticed that the date code still had that slight race condition that I
reported before; I've included the previous message below!




Finally had time to play with the new MailScanner code, and looked at the
changes made from below. One thing that I've realised now that I hadn't
before is that the originating time() value isn't being kept, which meant
that it wasn't available to my custom functions as I'd hoped - having to
parse the string to get the hours and minutes out is a bit painful!

A simple addition to the new function to keep that value would be very
useful; I used 'dateval' for that in my code:

  # Set the date string and number
  $this->{dateval} = time;
  $this->{datestring} = scalar localtime($this->{dateval});
  my ($day, $month, $year) = (localtime($this->dateval))[3,4,5];
  $this->{datenumber} = sprintf("%04d%02d%02d", $year+1900, $month+1, $day);

This also avoided the (very very slight!) situation where the day changes
between the setting of datestring and datenumber in the original code, which
both called a fresh time in localtime().

Also, there are a couple of points in the code that still call TodayDir() in
the archiving ( line 669,3982, line 372) which could
conceivably end up with different dates - any plans to move those to
$this->{datenumber} too? (unless I missed something obvious!)

Best Wishes,

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