Reliable RBL,SBL Lists

Dan Hollis spamtrap71892316634 at ANIME.NET
Wed Apr 27 20:30:26 IST 2005

On Wed, 27 Apr 2005, Frank Louwers wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 27, 2005 at 11:23:38AM -0700, Scott Silva wrote:
> > >>Any one knows reliable rbl list? No matter if they are not free.
> > >>Now I am receiving false positives from wanadoo, hotmail,etc. accounts
> > > wanadoo is not a false positive. they are bullet-proof spamhosting.
> > I second that. I wouldn't be surprised if even the domain registrar is a
> > spammer.
> they also happen to be the largest isp in one of the largest countries
> in europe, and a big isp in some other european countries. Decide for
> yourself if you can affort to block them.

wanadoo is already widely blocked not just by entire ISPs, but also by
many end users. so people have already decided wanadoo can be blocked.

maybe eventually wanadoo will get a clue, but I bet not. i mean, not even
internet-wide blocking has managed to get tiscali to remove their head
from their ass yet. so i won't expect anything better from wanadoo.

people on wanadoo who find their emails blocked, I recommend to them to
leave wanadoo and move to another ISP. most do leave wanadoo suprisingly
without complaints -- telling me that it was the straw that broke the
camel's back and they just needed a good excuse to leave wanadoo.

people stopped blocking aol after they finally started taking abuse
seriously. wanadoo will have to do the same before they get removed from


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