AWL problems

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> Martin,
>         Yep, it's put together like TinkerToys and their a
> bit apathetic lately about supporting anything in real-time.
> Took 2-4 extra months to get the SA 3.02 patch out of them
> to bring it up to near-normal.
>         Not sure if they've even worked with Julian on this,
> would be the most intelligent way to handle it.  And Ensim,
> sadly, is one of the best managed hosting OS'es out there
> for everyday use, just a mess behind the scenes.  Plesk is
> the next-best option, but you sacrifice certain elements
> to get others and we haven't been prepared to go that route
> at this point.
>         Now Ensim shouldn't be calling SA outside of MS, the
> MS/Sa/ClamAV anti-spam package they started in version 3.7.XX
> of Ensim Pro is supposed to be self-contained and function
> as I outlined.  If something else, like Sendmail, is calling
> it up and causing those files to be written per-user, there
> has to be a way to disable that.  But we've got no clue here
> on where that would be happening, even tailing & top'ing
> monitoring of the process shows the layout I outlined.
>         So once Sendmail hands it off to MS, it falls into
> that flow I laid out.  I'm not as concerned about the fact
> it's writing AWL files into User dirs as I am that I've
> told SA to lay off using that rating and it's still doing
> it.  That would seem to be more within the MS/SA package,
> not Ensim doing something additional, especially without
> it being logged where we can find it?
>         MS has been instructed to ignore the AWL, SA has been
> instructed to ignore it, but when SA is run, it's like it's
> picking up some other instruction set that's not configured
> to ignore the AWL?  Any thoughts on where that conf file
> might be or the filename to search the server for to see if
> that's the case?  The prefs file is configured properly, but
> that's in the MS/SA's root dir.  If Ensim deployed additional
> copies of those somehow and they're not getting updated, that
> could be the problem.  But we're clueless on what to look
> for to determine if that's the case.
>         Dave

If I remember Ensim correctly each user has a ~/.spamassassin directory with
a personal configuration file - something like in that directory.
If nothing else works it should be simple to find all of these files and add
the line that turns off auto white listing to each file.

        use_auto_whitelist 0


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